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Elite Daily

The 1 Sign Your Relationship Is Over For Good, According To Couples' Therapists

“In just about every long-term relationship, there may come a time when things get tough and you ask yourself, "Is this really worth fighting for?" Hopefully, the answer to that question is yes and the two of you will work together to get the relationship back on track. But sometimes it's not so clear if the relationship is salvageable, and in that case, how do you know if it's worth fighting for or if it's finally time to throw in the towel? To answer that question, I asked couples' therapists for one sign that means your relationship is over and it's time to move on, and their answers were seriously helpful. For one thing, the takeaway is that most problems can be overcome if you both want to make it work, and if the relationship really is doomed, it's pretty obvious.”

Featuring Diana Sadat, RCC.

evolution 107.9 - plugged in

Online dating

How do social dating apps like Bumble, Tinder, Grindr, and so on change the dating landscape? How does it affect both relationships and sexuality? Tune into this segment of Plugged In on Evolution 107.9 as I chat with Hannah Gorton about how I believe that online dating is impacting relationships, the good and the bad, and the future of the apps. Check it out here!

Featuring Diana Sadat, RCC.


9 “Bad" Relationship Habits That Are Actually OK To Adopt After The Honeymoon Phase

At some point in your relationship, you and your partner are going to make a few mistakes and develop a few bad habits. But don't sweat it too much. As long as these "bad" habits aren't super toxic or unhealthy, there's nothing wrong with having a few of them — especially after the honeymoon stage.

You may not be in the heart-pounding stages of early love, but the next stage is often even better because you can truly be yourselves — even if that means occasionally messing up. Here are a few bad habits that are OK to adopt after the honeymoon stage, according to experts.

Featuring Diana Sadat, RCC.


The No BS Guide to Clitoral Stimulation

Knowledge is pleasure.

And if you have a clitoris, the more you know about it, the more options you’ll be able to explore en route to achieving satisfaction. (Or, if you’re aiming to please someone who has a clitoris, you can work with your partner to discover the techniques that take them to tingle town.)

We’ve reached out to experts and research to put together a guide for flying solo and giving or receiving some seriously satisfying clitoral stimulation. After all, getting busy with your own bod can help you chuck unwanted inhibitions.

Plus, find out the truth about clitoral anatomy. It’s more than just a tiny hotspot.

Featuring Diana Sadat, RCC.

Hello Giggles

How to talk to a new partner about your sexual assault

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Getting into a new relationship is complicated. It’s definitely exciting, but there’s also usually a lot to unpack and learn about one another. Add traumatic experiences like sexual assault into the mix, and communication and sex can become challenging. While it may seem easier than ever to discuss sexual assault with a new partner in the #MeToo age, having the conversation about your own experience can be quite the opposite. That’s why it’s incredibly important to figure out if, when, and how you’d like to bring this up with your new partner.

Featuring Diana Sadat, RCC

Wedding Wire

5 Conversations About Sex All Couples Should Have

Sex—it’s something that all couples do, but something that few couples talk about. Why is that? Perhaps, much of the reason we’re hush hush when it comes to conversations about sex, even with someone we’re intimate with, is because it’s been impressed upon us to act this way by society. Thankfully, we’re living in the 21st century and we’re becoming more open about all things—sex included.

Featuring Diana Sadat, RCC.